Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just bad timing...

Me, V, Neille & Marky decided to check out the US Open today, so we took our our bikes for the 5 mile ride to the beach. The sun was out with a little bit of a breeze, perfect weather for some pedaling. By the time we got there, the contest was already over. But the beach was still packed with the crowds. I don't think I have ever seen it this crowded...ever! We ended up walking around, checking out all the booths they had to offer.

I really loved this one. His name is Mike Field and creates amazing works of art. I love the Hawaiian vintage look to it & the way you can actually flip thru his art book. So creative! I really want to get a surfboard like this to just hang up in our house. Isn't it so cute?! Maybe V can paint one for me since my artistic ability with drawing goes as far as stick figures & happy faces.

We strolled over to the pier & watched the end of the MX show (that we just missed, of course!). While standing there, I spotted a cute, little bulldog. He looked like he was pretty excited to be there, enjoying the summer day.


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