Friday, June 02, 2006

Japanese experience...

Me, my mom & V went to check out this Japanese restaurant near our house, calle Shin-Sen-Gumi. It was a yakitori type of place. They have all the raw meats already prepared on sticks & they cook it right in front of you when you sit at the bar. We have never been to this type of place & felt so lost, like the new kids in school. There were so many options & special ways to order that it was a bit overwhelming. The waiters were yelling in orders in Japanese & the cooks were yelling something else back that we still couldn't understand. It was all pretty funny being in such a strange place, but so close to home.

We got the hang of it after a few minutes & ordered a variety of things off the picture menu. Thank goodness for picture menus, cause there were things that we read on there that didn't quite make sense to either one of us. In the end, we ordered some shrimp tempura, a couple rice bowls & a salmon plate.

We even racked up a few sticks of our own to be proud of. They give you these cute bamboo cups so everyone can see your accomplishments & how much of a yakitori master you really are. And judging by everyone else's bamboo around us, we did fairly well.


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